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Stitching Success: Digital transformation of the fashion supply chain



Fashion Industry


Accurate cost prediction, Fact based negotiation, SaaS solution with a globalised fair wage tool, Digital feedback loop


Client is a prominent global provider of specialist, technology-based solutions and industry expertise tailored specifically for the fashion industry. With a unique blend of profound industry knowledge and the practical application of cutting-edge technologies like Big Data and AI, the company stands at the forefront, delivering market-leading software solutions and offering specialized suites designed to cater to the needs of fashion manufacturers and brands alike. Their product range encompasses a diverse array of value-adding items, spanning from apparel, accessory, and footwear threads to structural components for footwear and accessories, fabrics, yarns, and software applications.

At the core of their offerings lies a remarkably versatile and customizable platform, which seamlessly integrates with other software tools and systems commonly utilized within the fashion industry. This seamless integration and adaptability provide fashion manufacturers with invaluable support, enabling them to revolutionize critical processes from design and development to method-time-cost optimization, production planning and control, and fabric optimization, ultimately enhancing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire shop floor execution process.


Optimize group capacity utilization for CRD achievement

Improve communication and coordination to reduce staff workload

Address complications in communication between teams

Enhance Delivery Performance and Efficiency by accurate fabric estimation

PSI Intervention

The specialist suites for fashion manufacturers transform the entire manufacturing value chain, from design development to order execution, streamlining the process and enhancing control.

The one-stop solution offers accurate fabric-booking estimation based on historical data, while ensuring secure client migration and seamless product integration for improved performance and automation. The connected eco-system supports effective communication and negotiation for continuous modifications and labor cost management.


The system features a highly visual and flexible ‘drag and drop’ planning approach, facilitating efficient master planning across multiple factories and enabling fast, detailed, and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines and machines. Sewing planning boards effectively manage production capacities, while the pull system principle generates T&A target dates based on the production plan. Sustainable planning and coordination solutions are provided, and a highly customized cut plan generates optimized and suitable cutting plans. Leveraging historical cutting data, the system intelligently predicts wastage and size-wise breakdowns, ensuring precise fabric estimation for enhanced efficiency.

Method- Time- Cost Optimization
Production Planning and Control
Fabric Optimization and Shop Floor Execution

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