The Essential Tools For Digital Transformation Success.

Time and again experts have talked about the seismic shift digital transformation will bring to the enterprise landscape. But a fact that most technology pundits will not tell you is that the average digital transformation success rate among enterprises is as low as 30%. Experts have cited multiple reasons for this but nothing is more pronounced than the fact that most digital transformation strategies put technology ahead of users and customers.

While it is true that digital transformation is about moving from slow-moving legacy systems to newer more efficient systems, an enterprise must still remember that the end goal of any digital transformation must be to create better products and services that cater to the users’ affinity and interests. In this blog, we share some consumer-focused essential tools that promise digital transformation success.

1. Cloud Computing
The Essential Tools For Digital Transformation Success

Cloud computing offers enterprises with all the right reasons to switch from their traditional IT infrastructure. The latest cloud services trends 2019 show that cloud system infrastructure services or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will grow by nearly 27.5% in 2019. While traditional IT infrastructure is costly, downtime prone and difficult to scale, cloud computing or internet computing promises zero service disruption in the most cost-effective way possible. It offers greater flexibility and elasticity than traditional hardware-based IT infrastructure. Here are some of the main benefits of cloud hosting:

  • Cloud hosting is significantly more flexible and scalable than traditional IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud hosting is considerably affordable. The Pay-as-you-go model ensures that users pay only for resources that they use.
  • Cloud hosting is managed by the service provider. Cloud Computing eliminates several traditional IT infrastructure headaches like security and maintenance.

2.Enterprise Mobility
The Essential Tools For Digital Transformation Success

From remote working options to ensuring ‘anytime-anywhere’ access to official documents, enterprise mobility has truly transformed the 21st-century workplace. Its impact on business growth, productivity and innovation have been unparalleled. Owing to these, the role enterprise mobility in ensuring digital transformation success cannot be overlooked. Most digital innovations and technologies are now centered around mobile, making enterprise mobility the backbone of any digital transformation strategy.


Customer expectations are constantly evolving. Unlike those of the old times, present-day consumers engage with technology regularly. Further, social media and other internet-based services are proving to be important platforms to gain valuable customer feedback and insights. Salesforce, a cloud-based CRM, helps enterprises engage and connect with new and existing customers in ways that were unimaginable before. Further, Salesforce is limited to not just customer sentiments but its territory spans across customer behavior, preferences and expectations. This makes Salesforce an essential digital tool for product/service improvement as well as innovation.

4.Big Data Analytics

Data is the 21st-century fuel and analytics is the engine that churns value from it. Data can be an inspiration for enterprises to accelerate the process of digital transformation. Whether it is about exploring new markets or improving existing catalogs, data analytics helps businesses evaluate, create and adopt the right road-map for digital transformation success. Joe Kaeser, CEO, Siemens, says, “data is the raw material that our economies, societies, and democracies are increasingly being built on”. In the digital economy, data, if coupled with the right analytics tools, offers incremental rewards.


DevOps and digital transformation success go hand in hand. In fact, many experts claim that they are two sides of the same coin and it is difficult to imagine one without the other. DevOps accelerate digital transformation success in more than a few ways including:

  • Changing the cultural mindset.
  • Unifying people, processes, and technology.
  • Identify weak points and develop better solutions.

Digital transformation is having an all pervasive impact on business processes, functions, and activities. Unless enterprises are ready for change and disruptions, digital transformation success will keep escaping them. Pratham Softwares is one of the leading software development companies. We offer our clients with digital transformation solutions which are easy to adopt, cost-effective and align with existing and future business goals. Our expertise spans across all the key areas of digital transformation i.e customer experience transformation, operational process transformation, and business model transformation. Please visit link to know more.