The Right Time To Outsource APP Technical Support & Maintenance

In the world of mobile apps ‘change is the only constant,’ which means application support and maintenance can be a very taxing exercise with ever-evolving mobile technology cycles. It can be particularly concerning for enterprises with inadequate resource capacity to match up to the adaptive and preventive requirements of modern mobile apps. However, outsourcing is an excellent, cost-effective solution to all overbearing technical and maintenance headaches. Keep reading to find out more….

Outsourcing & its Long Term Benefits

In the case of enterprises, app development and its launch are only half the puzzle solved; the headache lies in its continuous support and maintenance. The needs for app maintenance can span across a range of factors like timely modifications, bug detection, and elimination, meeting customer demands, onboard training, etc. Hence, enterprises need to address all concerns related to periodic improvement and updating of the app with absolute perfection. Some of the best practices for long-term app maintenance include:

  • Timely Feature Updates
  • Provide new HW/SW compatibility
  • Align User Interface with changing trends
  • Identify and Fix errors
  • Performance Maintenance
  • Renew technology licenses

As we can see, the practices involved in app maintenance are far and many, promptly following all can be difficult for many enterprises both in terms of capital and resource allocations.

Outsourcing relieves enterprises of these maintenance headaches allowing them to focus on their work more.

Below are a few benefits that enterprises can reap by outsourcing enterprise mobility maintenance & support.

  1. Long term Customer Satisfaction

In the contemporary business environment, an unhappy customer soon turns into a gone customer. Outsourcing helps enterprises to give enterprise mobility service users the reason to always come back for more. From ensuring zero downtimes to adding new features on customer demand, outsourcing ensures that the app works smoothly in alignment with customer feedbacks and demands.

  1. Building A Positive Brand

#. How many mobile payment apps have you used so far?

#. Which mobile payment app are you using right now and why?

The above two questions go a long way in cementing the importance of app maintenance and support in branding. A few years ago, multiple apps were offering online payment services, but today only a few are left. The prime reasons for their existence and success are their robust app maintenance and support arm. They have added features and updates which has made the services user-friendly and accessible.

  1. Foolproof Security and Regulatory Compliance

On May 25, 2018, the European Union unanimously passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means users will now have greater control over their personal data and information. This also subsequently increases the responsibility of mobile service providers to put into effect the increasingly stringent data security protocols in their apps. Further, regulations and security policies change with demography which makes it more difficult for enterprises to fill security gaps uniformly. As such, outsourcing can help enterprises to achieve this with minimum effort and cost.

  1. Overall Cost Reduction

Building an in-house app development, support, and maintenance infrastructure can cost enterprises thousands of dollars. On hindsight, the same goals can be achieved more effectively and efficiently through outsourcing. They not only reduce space and management headaches but also save the enterprise’s invaluable time and effort.

We have; therefore, enlisted some of the key benefits of outsourcing enterprise mobility support and maintenance. However, we are still left with one question;

When is the right time to outsource app technical support & maintenance?

Well, the perfect one-word answer to this would be ‘ASAP.’ And why not?… Outsourcing mobility maintenance & support helps enterprises’ to deliver a flawless customer experience with better customer acquisition and retention rates. Also, the reduced overhead and efficiency add to the enterprises’ brand value among existing and potential markets. Outsourcing all app maintenance and support is the best decision that any business can make.

Every app needs timely care and refueling. We, at Pratham pride in technology expertise, with decades of experience in enterprise mobility solution planning, development, support, and maintenance.

Your search for the perfect outsourcing partner for your enterprise app maintenance and support ends here. Contact us today and take your business to newer heights!