Why is it the right time to pick .Net Core

Asp.net core, better known as .Net Core, is an open source application development framework with essential features like CLI(Command Like Application), cross-platform support, built-in secure functions and performance upgrades. It is supported across all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and popular Linux distributions along with inherent compatibility across variegated platforms including mobile, cloud and IoT upheld environment.

Supported by a massive Microsoft developers’ community, .Net Core is a singled-out application development framework with a flourishing user base. It allows developers to devise light weight, yet high performance cross-platform web applications with characteristic support for Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

What truly makes .Net Core a winner in the development province is its inherent support for modern cloud setup. The framework facilitates developers with all the essential tools and development schemas to develop, build and host ASP.NET applications on a cross-platform support with fundamental up bearing for modern cloud-optimized web applications. Once the final build is made, developers can easily mobilize test and deployment functions across preferred cloud platform and achieve proposed outcomes and value.

.Net Core typically runs on .NET Core framework or .NET Standard framework and is popularly endorsed as a combination of standard web API and Model-view-controller architecture blended into a single web development framework.

Why is .Net Core gaining global momentum

Despite a widespread popularity and support for standard .Net framework, .Net core is gaining substantial buildup in the development province because of its more than many characteristic features that speed up modern-day enterprise grade application development process. Few of its key advantages are:

  1. Cross Platform: An ingrain support for multiple platforms helps developers devise standard solutions for variegated user base, specifically in today’s hybrid world where every user may have different predilection in terms of platform, OS, device and work structure.

.Net Core is an entirely re-engineered version of standard .Net Framework that allows developers to achieve cross-platform competence without concerning about traditional Windows library support.

  1. Open Source: .Net Core is an open source development framework, meaning developers and community members can easily make preferred changes and improvements in the source code to achieve highly calibrated development outcomes.
  1. Flexibility: .NET Core necessarily unifies MVC architecture and standard WEB API to improve development practices and deliver highly efficient web applications. Applications developed in .Net Core come with a high degree of platform support and adaptability for on-demand modification in standard containers (NuGet packages) and interface.
  1. Robust: .Net Framework has an extensive support for development libraries and NuGet packages, which make the framework far more robust and reliable as compared to its predecessor. It is easily one of the fastest web development frameworks available and continues to improve its development support across newer grounds.

Why is the upgrade necessary?

Although a lot of functional APIs and development frameworks are available for web developers today, the popularity of .Net core goes persistently uphill. Number of third party development tools are bringing in native support for .Net core to actuate high performing applications across today’s hybrid development grounds. The use of optimized containers and library support has substantially elevated the development efficiency with equal consideration for scalability, stability and performance within cross-platform apps.

Apart from standard features, the latest preview release of .NET Core 3.0 also brings in myriad of technical upgrades like Razor pages, support for JS frameworks like Angular, React and Aurelia, improved collaboration and cross-platform support, in-built dependency injection support with newer library support for apps like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions.

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