Why is Rails so popular among SME’s and emerging Startups

It is out in the open that startup and SME boom is here to stay and every passing day tends to intensify it with greater ideas and initiatives taking up the enterprise route. However, there’s a fierce competition out there in the business world and emerging players need to address their client requirements with much more efficiency and speed than other established ones.

Although legacy development models and languages are highly applicable for robust development processes, they undeniably consume a lot of time and effort even for a minimal requirement. SMEs and startups need to develop faster while also maintaining the code efficiency and functionality to stay competent in their respective work field. While legacy development practices are more reliable, modern fast-paced development province needs agility and efficiency within lesser time frames to enable prompt deliveries and better products.

Ruby on Rails

Like most other development frameworks, Ruby on Rails (preferably, Rails) is a simple web development framework written and built on top of Ruby programming language. It is highly popular in modern day SME world, especially for its simplicity and work-saving way of code design. At heart, it is just a collection of effective code libraries and default frames that allow web developers to employ pre-built codes for repetitive programming entries.

What is it used for?

The very first reason is its programming competence which allowed developers to do much more work within lesser time stretch. Even with shorter development cycles and lesser resource consumption, a program developed using Rails is equally effective and efficient than compared with traditionally written program codes. By using Rails, a developer can always stay rest assured regarding the compatibility and time-efficiency of program code. It is fast, efficient and most importantly reliable with active provisioning for performance metrics and insights.

Modern age developers prefer to invest in its outstanding stability and reliability, thus making the web development framework quite a big hit in today’s startup buildup. In addition to this, Rails extends the lineage of Ruby programming language combined with Agile development practices to make it an even better choice for fast-paced effective web development.

In addition to being extensively uncomplicated, codes written in Rails framework are highly manageable and sturdy. The framework essentially endorses such potential due to its ground principles that help developers easily code and develop required sets without having to invest much of their time and efforts. The framework boosts concepts like DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) and Convention Over Configuration, which help developers to use pre-built codes without having to start over every time.


Rails is an object-oriented language that allows programmers to deploy real world inspired code practices for both front and back end aspects of web development.

Some examples of web projects developed Ruby on Rails are: Basecamp, Airbnb, Fab.com, Scribd, Groupon, Gumroad, Hulu, Kickstarter, Pitchfork, Soundcloud, Square, Yammer, Crunchbase, Slideshare, Zendesk, Github, Shopify and many more in the list.

Advantages of using Rails

Apart from endorsing host of key features like caching, automated testing, code localization, routing and data validation, and prime-level integrity, Rails provides many other programming benefits which help developers to deploy required codes within no time.

With its scalability, quality and speed, developers get to experience a highly efficient programming interface to conveniently develop enterprise-grade web applications.

The development suite provides a time-efficient platform for web developers to quickly develop applications which can easily be scaled if required.

Reliability and clean code: Rails actually follows modern test-driven approach to ensure the final build is free from bugs for a hassle-free QA optimization.

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