Why Technology Modernization Is The Only Way Ahead For ISVs

Today, every business is transforming into a digital business; thanks to the revolution caused by the latest technologies. Conventionally, enterprises only used to leverage the innovation abilities of ISVs to provide solutions to their clients. However, as the technological landscape is advancing, the enterprises are trying to incorporate their own innovations in their offerings.

In the current scenario, it goes without saying that ISVs must demonstrate a higher level of technological competence than ever. They should transform themselves, acquire and develop expertise in exponential technologies or in simpler terms, technology modernization is all they need to stay relevant. There are many other reasons why ISVs must focus on technology upgradation. Recent experience has uncovered some trends like:

Inter-Connected Landscape

The business landscape is getting interconnected more than ever. ISVs are no longer independent in terms of their ability to support multiple business processes. Nowadays, configurability, integrations, and functional richness have become key factors for products where interconnectivity is unavoidable.

Unprecedented Growth of Cloud and Other Platforms

The ISV landscape that still runs on the legacy technology on which thousands of software products run. These products based on legacy technologies have a monolithic architecture, which makes it very difficult to maintain them. On the other hand, technologies like cloud are proliferating. ISVs must move on these technologies to fulfill industrial needs.

Other Reasons

Enterprise software will be transformed into enterprise SaaS. Monolithic architectures and applications will soon go obsolete. Along with this, enterprises are moving from a Capex to an Opex model.

To sum up, digital disruption has become a norm in this fast-changing technology world. To avoid extinction, irrelevance, and to counter negative growth, ISVs must embrace technology modernization. They must transform their legacy software and use the contemporary approach from future-proof perspective. Pratham Software, a leader in product engineering services , has always moved ahead with time and has modernized its strategies with time. The company diligently works on cloud, AI, and other technologies as enterprises’ focus is shifting on cloud-first and other similar approaches. If you want to work with a partner that is updated and uses a modernized approach in providing software solutions, contact us, or visit our website.