7 Must-Use AppExchange Apps in 2020

With growing businesses and work complexities, we always seek tools that remove blockers and create new efficiencies. Thankfully, Salesforce AppExchange has apps for every business challenge that you might be facing. There are AppExchange apps that are there to help employees to do their job more effectively and efficiently across department and industries. AppExchange apps have proved useful in impacting people, consolidating systems, and integrating systems with salesforce closely. The businesses can save $1000 worth of time and resources with these apps. But, there are over 3000 apps on the AppExchange and new ones are added every other day. In such a situation, finding and installing the right application can be much of a task.

To make your task simple, we have created a list of 7 must-have AppExchange apps in 2020.

LinkPoint Connect

LinkPoint Connect is one of the leading apps for the integration of Microsoft outlook with salesforce. It gives users ease by enabling the use of side panel within Microsoft outlook, which allows them to view salesforce data and even create new records without leaving the platform. Besides, it also offers the ability to sync contacts, calendars and tasks.

Cirrus Insights

Cirrus Insights is a great tool for interacting with salesforce in the inbox. You can use this with many of the top email providers and sync emails, calendar and view Salesforce data in your inbox. The tool is beneficial for the inside sales department, where a huge chunk of the day will be spent inside the inbox.

Dial Source

It is a wonderful telephony solution equipped with multiple dialer modes, inbound/outbound call blend and robust analytics. Most importantly, Dialsource comes with no concern regarding floating data and associated risks. The app is most valuable for the sales department as it allows them to set up any number of sales processes.

Conga Compressor

Another useful and efficient app for salesforce is Conga Compressor. The app allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentation, PDF, spreadsheets and more. The app can also be used for invoices, quotes, contracts & presentation Decks.

Fonteva Events

The app also makes it into the list because of its vast utility. Fonteva assists in online registration, agendas, planning logistics, and more. It is powered by salesforce, and it seamlessly integrates into your events operation.

FF-Secure Cloud Protection

Innovative analytics and antivirus tool- FF-secure cloud is perfect for companies seeking to comply with HIPPA, GDPR, PCI, etc.


MapAnything is a Geolocation tool that can help you map geo visualisation of salesforce data, provides optimisation of territory management. It aids in boosting productivity and increasing revenue. Besides, with this app, the users can create optimal schedules, map optimal routes, and view the location of assets, equipment, or vehicles.

So these are the top 10 apps in AppExchange that you must have for your business. Depending on the needs of your enterprise, you may be required to use other apps or specific salesforce implementation services . For knowing the best solutions, you can contact Pratham Software, a leading salesforce service provider with a proven global record. We will scan through all your records and give you a summary of your salesforce health in your organisation. Contact us for an enlightening experience.