Crossing The Mobility Road With Eyes Closed? 5 Reasons You Need an EMM Solution Now

The benefits of mobile technology for the modern enterprise is undebatable. In addition to offering exceptional flexibility, enterprise mobility exponentially improves employee engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

But Anytime, Anywhere connectivity comes with risks attached such as data silos, data leaks, device thefts, etc. Without an effective EMM solution, an enterprise can’t account for the many pitfalls that it will encounter in the journey towards seamless mobility.

What is an EMM Solution?


Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM is a combination of technology, processes, and policies for seamless management and security of corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices within an organization. An effective EMM solution commands flawless policy compliance, app customization, data, and document security.

Here are 5 reasons that make EMM a must-have for a secure mobility journey.

1. Data Protection

While the BYOD culture is cool and reciprocates with the changing work culture, the practice can leave sensitive data of the company exposed. Employees may lose their device owing to negligence or theft, and the company data can easily end up in the wrong hands. An EMM solution helps enterprises set policies to erase sensitive data remotely.

2. Overcoming Data Silos

There might be some information on certain employees’ devices that do not get shared on the enterprise network. An EMM solution help organizations overcome data silos for seamless information flow by:

  • Identifying process and systems contributing to data silos
  • Improve cross-platform/cross-functional collaborations
  • Improve data/information consistency

3. Easy Monitoring and Communication

More enterprise mobility initiatives fail in the absence of a proper system to access, communicate and manage field employees. EMM helps employers effectively manage information of every employee, including those remote and field officers. This streamlines communication for ensuring uninterrupted task assignments, work status validation, and much more.

4. Stringent Network Security

With mobility comes the challenge of managing and monitoring multiple devices with different carriers accessing the enterprise network 24*7. Plus each device may have some potentially infected files that can cause costly security damages. An EMM solution offers end-to-end enterprise network security. An EMM solution

  • Automates security configurations on devices
  • Identifies and repels imminent threat (irrespective of the attack vector)
  • Safeguards enterprise networks against multiple threats, including those coming from apps, the internet, and devices themselves.
  • Thwarts unauthorized data access.

5. Password Encryptions

Last but not least, EMM helps put policies in place that prevent employees from storing passwords in cache memory or device memory itself. And in case, employees need to save passwords on their devices, the EMM can help keep stored passwords securely encrypted.

In the age of the mobile workforce, EMM solutions are no less than the eyes and ears of an enterprise. They ensure mobility challenges or issues are identified and dealt without causing costly damages to business as well as reputation. Are you also looking for an EMM powered enterprise mobility solution? Pratham Software is a trusted name in the enterprise mobility landscape. Our expertise and experience have helped enterprises carve a hassle-free mobility journey cost-effectively.