Development of a strong & flexible MDM Business Solution

In the last couple of years, mobile and portable devices have garnered enough popularity and attention, so much that they have become an inescapable part of our daily life. With the increase in usage, they are becoming more and more influential in performance and more convenient to handle.


Businesses were the first one to experience this wave of laptops and smartphones. These portable devices have smoothened the operations tremendously. Besides, new trends like bring your own device and IT consumerization have brought with themselves new prospects for organisations to gain competitive advantage. These devices have started ruling the business environment, given their umpteen benefits.

Mobile Device Management

With the increasing adaptation of automation in enterprises, there is a growing threat to security. To ensure productivity and efficiency in the organisations, it is essential that security measures are undertaken and given preference. In order to ensure a smooth service, business houses need a software solution which can take care of the growing demand of the use of mobile devices and smartphones in their business functioning’s. Thus, to cater to this growing need, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software providers came into light.

Mobile device management is basically an umbrella term that covers a whole range of mobility management and security tools. It basically helps firms to deploy, monitor, and manage mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

It also provides services like remote device management, asset management, cost management, etc., that are essential in this volatile business environment. This blog discusses the story of the development of MDM product, including the challenges faced during the methodology adoption and technology implementation.

The Development of Mobile Device Management Product


The client provides a broad range of IT consulting and support services in application development & management, quality assurance, enterprise information management, etc. The client initiated an MDM platform for which it required an offshore development team to develop further and manage the platform. It included the development of new features and intermittent product releases along with support and maintenance of the current product.

Key Challenges Faced

There were several challenges in front of us when we signed the contract with the client. The biggest challenge was to design a new architecture to reduce object re-initialization. We also had to optimize code and ensure portability. In the line of challenges, we had to handle complexities across different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.


The requirements of the client were very dynamic. Along with this, the product development also involved developing new features along with support and maintenance of current product release. After assessing the requirements, we decided to form a team of 12 experts who would work exclusively on the project.


The team decided to provide a solution which:

  • Uses reliable and latest open source technology
  • Has a user-friendly intuitive interface
  • Supports for all major platforms like iOS, Android, etc.
  • Supports secure access to business data
  • Does not compromise with user experience and privacy



LAMP platform was used in the project along with the MySQL database. The front-end of the product was developed with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Object-oriented JavaScript. Additionally, PHP is used was used as the development language. Along with this, Eclipse IDE and NetBeans IDE were used as development tools.

The Outcome

The solution was designed, keeping in mind the ease of use for the organisation of the client while providing all aspects of mobile device management. The project basically caters to policy enforcement, security establishment and enforcement, configuration management, encryption in case of theft/loss of device, integrity maintenance, monitoring the device usage, changes in application settings, and process updates and modifications.

  • The client has increased the development activity and dedicated test management services.
  • The proactive approach resulted in product improvement.
  • The client managed to add two new large-enterprise customers following the release development of the product.

Mobile devices are significantly prone to security risks. The confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of business data are particularly compromised and threatened. Therefore, MDM adoption is a must for all business houses. Get MDM solutions and services by experienced developers at Pratham. We provide excellent offshore product development services at a reasonable price. Our organisation is well-equipped with resources that take care of all the areas of IT and affiliated services. The offshoring services provided by us help clients to free up their valuable resources and technology for other activities.