Development of an IoT Powered Home Safety App

Internet of things (IoT) is intelligently connected systems, which comprises of smart machines interacting and communicating with other machines, environments, and objects. IoT aims to make the internet more pervasive by giving access to a wide variety of devices such as home appliances, cameras, monitoring sensors, etc. IoT is basically creating new opportunities for developing innovative applications by leveraging on existing and new technologies.

The Era of IoT

The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for several decades, but it has garnered much attention in the last few years only. It is impacting and improving the daily lives of people. When household devices are connected to a network, they can work in cooperation to provide efficient and affective service.

Another prime reason for giving emphasis on IoT based applications is that they are designed to work independently without the need of any human operator. These capabilities can, in turn, enable a new class of services that make life easier for the users.


Today, even home security is controlled using an app based on IoT owing to the convenience it offers. The security concept basically contains smart appliances in a home that can be controlled wirelessly with mobile phones applications.

The demand for advanced and responsive mobile applications is increasing swiftly. In order to cater to the growing demands and to stay ahead of competitors in the industry, almost every other IT company is dedicating a resource for that purpose. Despite the progress, developing a fully functional IoT application is still a time-consuming, complex, and challenging activity.

The Development of IoT-Based Smart Application

About the Client

The client is a customized IT solution provider company based in Germany and primarily offers active, intelligent life and comfort systems. It offers a comprehensive security system consisting of a home hub, sensors, server, and a central unit, which raises the alarm when some unusual situations are observed. Their innovative tech solution detects these situations and warns the users about possible risks.

Overview of the Requirements

The client basically wanted an expanded team to deliver the same solution on iOS platform after understanding the underdeveloped android application. It also wanted experts in application development, specifically iOS. We collaborated with the service provider to deliver an IoT enabled iOS application.


As IoT is an emerging domain, there was limited information available with the developers

Since the client was based in Germany, all the documents concerning the requirements of the project were in the German language that was to be translated. Additionally, there were limited support manuals that could help in the development of the application.

Google firebase had to be integrated into APNs, and the app was required to be developed from scratch.

Approach of Pratham

We decided to deploy two iOS application experts for the project who were required to complete the application within three months. The framework utilized was iOS, and database support was given by ‘Core data,’ to keep data consistent locally.

Apart from these, we decided to utilise Xcode, Instruments, iOS development environment provided by Apple for supporting development. Lastly, Photoshop was used to give an appealing look, wherever required.

The Delivered Solution

A robust, fully functional IoT based app was delivered on time with enhanced functionality. Our aim was to surpass the expectation of our client and our product was able to do so.

The app offered complete control over security aspects to the user, thus transforming the definition of security. It could record movement at an unusual time, send notifications, raise the alarm in risky situations, and much more.

The user of the app could view the security recordings from distant locations, arm/disarm the systems, lock/unlock the doors, etc. Basically, the app could take care of every aspect that a user would look for when considering a home security app.


The Bottom Line

With the app, the client reached many new customers and converted leads into loyal customers, which further led to the growth of the company. To sum up, IoT promises to deliver a step change in enterprise productivity and profit margins. The enabling technologies have reached a level of maturity that enables the practical realisation of IoT solutions.

The organisations must adopt IoT and deliver IoT-based applications to gain a competitive advantage. Since developing a fully functional IoT application is still a complex activity, organisations can hire iOS application developers locally or offshore. Pratham, a leading offshore product development services provider, houses developers who have years of experience in developing IoT based applications. Pratham promises to deliver solutions and work together throughout the product development lifecycle.