Einstein Voice Bots: The Voice Of Business in 2020

What if you could navigate cloud services handsfree with maximum efficiency? What if you could update your customer records using commands? And what if you could get personalized daily briefings on important tasks and events via a voice assistant?

Enter Einstein Voice and Einstein Bots, the AI-powered personal assistants for every member on your sales team. So what exactly are Einstein Voice and Einstein Bot and what more can they do? Keep scrolling to find the answers.

Einstein Voice Assistant

Einstein voice assistant is the first true form an intelligent conversational CRM. It is a fully capable voice assistant that can be integrated with every Salesforce app. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Voice Recognition and other AI-powered technologies.

An extension of Salesforce’s Einstein technology- the Einstein Voice Assistant, can be tailored to understand as well as respond to corporate jargons. In simple terms, a salesforce user can use Einstein Voice to dictate notes, update customer data as well as access salesforce cloud without having to type a single command. All s/he needs to do is speak, and the Einstein voice will do the task immediately.

What Can Einstein Voice Assistants Do?


Einstein Voice Assistants are designed to make selling easy, branding more effective and customer service the growth engine for an enterprise. It allows you to simply talk to salesforce and get things done for you and your sales team. Einstein Voice Assistants can help sales representatives in:

  • Prioritizing daily briefings and accessing briefings via Siri, Google or Alexa.
  • Updating records automatically.
  • Accessing, opening and reviewing dashboards on-the-go.
  • Sharing information with other team members.
  • Navigating through data and generating information, insights and lots more.

What is Einstein Bot?

While Einstein Voice Assistant is designed to make life easier for sales representatives, the Einstein Bots are customer-facing and designed to give every enterprise its smart voice to talk, engage and connect with its customers. Salesforce users can create, build and customize special bots for their end-users. Moreover, the voice-powered bots can be integrated with a popular voice assistant like Alexa and Google Assistant, which means enterprise customers need not have to switch between voice assistants to communicate.

Einstein Bot Features

  • Easy to build (Drag and Drop)
  • Salesforce Data Access.
  • Seamless Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for 24*7 customer support on mobile.

Salesforce Voice and Salesforce Bots are a leap into the future of the enterprise. With the power to generate insights from salesforce data using just voice commands, it is a step towards a smart digital makeover for enterprises.

AI Making Salesforce Smarter And Powerful

Salesforce is one of the first companies to bring advanced AI capabilities to CRM. Users have simply feed data while salesforce does the rest. It offers the user with powerful predictive insights for informed business decision making. Users can apply Einstein AI capabilities on a range of tasks such as exploring insights from simple sales pipeline to forecasting customer behaviour and decisions.

The Salesforce Voice Assistant and Voice Bots to are powered with Einstein AI. The power of voice assistants is fundamentally changing customer buying behaviour. The Salesforce Voice Assistant and Bits are a step towards making ‘voice’ the preferred mode of command for Salesforce users and their customers.


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