Importance of UCaaS in the 21st century

Unified Communications as a Service, better known as UCaaS, is a modern-day synergic approach to make the best use of a cloud delivery model to offer advanced communication and collaborative applications/services. Enterprise work culture, be it across a sizable multi-national or buddying startup, necessarily needs to connect with its target audience to understand their requirements, establish relationships, provide effective servicing and deliver singular experiences to stay competitive across their territory. With UCaaS, it’s every bit of it with many more added benefits to make business communication comfortable, convenient, and most effective.

What does ‘Unification’ Mean?

The outbreak of cloud computing has triggered many application areas and service models especially for the IT and enterprise realm, where key decision makers and business leaders have thousand-and-one solution already available for a particular problem statement. Among various degrees and classes of enterprise-specific provisions offered by cloud solutions, ‘as a service’ model is mainly an interesting approach.

Today, the IT domain is being governed by a delightfully remarkable era of ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ (XaaS) where a user can conveniently access myriad of services and cloud-based applications on-demand. The use of on premise resources is subtly limited to highly compelling groundwork while most of the crucial business requirements are realized via the cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS), being one of the leading and most prominent enterprise work models today is further divided into several subcategories. Unified communications as a service at its primitive form is also a subcategory of the SaaS model and is made accessible to its users via highly robust cloud infrastructure. Scalability and on-demand utility come naturally deep-seated with cloud service models, and all its users can conveniently make the best use of advanced upgrades without going big on the investment lot.

Unified Communication
Unified Communication

Unified communication packages typically bring upgraded messaging, video conferencing, and voice communication solutions to the existing work array to help employs to make use of advanced cloud-based service orchestration. UCaaS comes in two different categories, namely single-tenant and multi-tenant system. While single-tenant systems can easily be understood as custom-designed solutions to elevate particular work culture, the multi-tenant model is more generalized in term of services and applications.

While Single-tenant model is considered far more secure and reliable, it takes away a good deal of capital on the user side. Multi-tenancy, on the other hand, is more cost-effective but considerably less flexible and customizable for specific enterprise needs.

The Big League Of Service Benefits

Work teams can easily choose their preferences from the countless business features that come planted with an UCaaS application. In general, there are advanced messaging, telephony and video conferencing applications offered along with team collaboration platform where multi-functional teams can carry in-house communication. These applications can easily be integrated with existing customer relationship management platforms to deliver high valued servicing across growing business avenues. Today, enterprises are voluntarily investing in technologies like Communications Platform as a service (CPaaS) and API customization to enhance their business communication features and derive excellent proficiency in their desired work areas.

Trend Analysis

With UCaaS, companies get greater scalability and flexibility without investing in massive business shares for operational and infrastructure changes. Cloud-based communication is presently the best solution to uphold business continuity and elevate the end-user experience even while operating from a remote, inaccessible location. Consistency is one of the most significant work advantages that follow cloud service deployment. Therefore, shifting to cloud premise becomes more of a necessity than a choice for business firms who wish to lead their respective market dominance with advanced technology and service benefits. Being the leading cloud and software development company, the development teams at Pratham software hold noteworthy experience and expertise in providing digital upgrades to the leading players in the enterprise world. Know more about our service offerings at