PSI launches IBM BPM Accelerator for Contract Management Process

Keeping our promise of delivering cutting edge solutions to provide competitive advantage to our clients, we are enthralled to announce the launch of our new IBM Business Process accelerator for “Contract Management Process” built on IBM BPM version 7.5.

Our aim was to come up with a variety of accelerators in Lombardi that are commonly used across various Industries. To start with, we narrowed upon Contract management process because it is a business critical process which needs to be standardized, automated and streamlined to eliminate risk, gain greater compliance and improve profitability.

Our Accelerator is built on best practices and backed by years of deep experience across all verticals. Our team of certified IBM BPM professionals has designed this solution to specifically address contract workflow challenges related to compliance and managing involvement of multiple entities and people all through the enterprise including third party vendors. Our accelerator supports all the steps of the contract lifecycle starting with initiation to authoring and negotiation to final approval.

From Technology perspective, our accelerator is highly flexible and scalable and can ramp up and ramp down depending on the business requirement. Built on the robust and stable IBM BPM platform, it ensures high security, reliability and efficiency. Our accelerator is easily configurable and can be deployed and made fully functional in just few weeks’ time thus reducing the implementation time significantly. This solution is fully compatible with all the major databases like DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL, provides seamless integration with all kinds of legacy systems and standalone solutions and can be customized easily according to the business requirements.

Our accelerator would not only benefit the business by minimizing bottlenecks, shortening the contract lifecycle, cutting the reporting cycle, improving contract renewal rates by 25%, reducing administrative costs by 25-30% but would also increase your revenue. This is enabled through bringing visibility into the entire contract lifecycle, enhancing efficiency, strengthening customer relationships and building solid vendor relationships thus transforming your organization into a more mature contracting organization.

For getting a deeper insight into our accelerator’s functionalities and capabilities, please write to us at We would be happy to provide detailed information to you.

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