Salesforce: Customer Success Platform beyond CRM

A business regardless of the industry it operates, exists for one prime purpose,  i.e. to serve their customers. Customers are the life wire of every organization. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them by catering to their needs. Owing to the failure of initiatives of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), more research has begun to flourish in the sphere of enhancing the experience of customers. CRM domain appears to be fragmented and highly inconsistent. Although CRM initiatives have been successful to some extent and have uncovered critical success factors, there is little evidence of its impact on enhancing the organizational performance and customer experience. Besides, customer expectations are increasing concerning salesperson knowledge, depth and breadth of communication, service/product offering, and speed of response. To aid and support marketers in their quest to acquire CRM success, sales force automation systems are becoming a marketplace reality. Salesforce integration services offer the business leaders the chance to integrate CRM with other applications and allow a wider range of services that assist the target customers immensely.

Myriad changes are occurring in the field of salesforce. As technology advances, the capabilities of modern salesforce continue to evolve. The organizations are electing to retire their fleet of tablets and laptops to modernize their sales team. This is because the salespeople are transitioning to a nimbler approach than before. The salesforce is moving towards presenting a value proposition by using a cloud-based solution platform. Cloud-based platforms demand less upfront investment in addition to simplifying system administration and operations. Cloud-based Salesforce services offer visual and time-tested analytic platforms which generate effective and efficient information that empower enterprises to acquire, retain, and cross-sell or up-sell more.

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Advantages of Salesforce

  • No large start-up fee
  • More secure and Reliable
  • Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, with any device
  • It’s a subscription-based model

The product Salesforce Sales Cloud serves for a lot of purposes such as account and contact management, opportunity management, lead management, getting insights into the sales data, creating a personalized sales journey for every customer, and lot more. This means that the organizations can spend less time on administration and more on closing the deals with their target customers.

Categorizing Salesforce Cloud Solutions

Marketing Cloud: Salesforce marketing cloud can be the answer of web-based solutions while trying to achieve the marketing 3.0 efforts, which is aimed at a value-centric approach of a customer. Marketing 3.0 defines consumers as a human which are mainly affected by emotional and rational needs besides they can easily interact with each other with communication medium and tools like social media platforms. Salesforce marketing cloud can be helpful for those marketers who are looking for assistance in managing a large base of audience and automating responses.

Commerce Cloud: With Commerce Cloud, the business houses can make shopping hassle-free and fun for their customers on every digital platform such as web and mobile along with reshaping customers’ in-store experiences. With salesforce commerce cloud, the business houses can create brand identity faster and can provide seamless customer services thereby optimizing their e-commerce experience.

Service Cloud: It is the platform for customer service and support, which allows the user of Salesforce to automate and streamline the workflows. It is primarily aimed at fostering a one-to-one relationship with the customers across multiple channels. The salesforce service cloud basically supports its user in fulfilling the customers’ requests for assistance with aspects not limited to the company’s products, billing, and additional services.

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Final Call

As the competitive environment is becoming fierce, to gain a competitive edge,  the most critical factor for enterprises is to nurture and keep a sound base of loyal customers. Customers are the backbone of a business, and it is essential to ensure that customers’ experience is best every time. Whether it is offline interaction or online interaction, the customer must receive a wonderful experience. Salesforce solutions are often crucial components of CRM systems, which also eliminate the drawbacks or pitfalls of CRM initiatives. To maximize the customer lifetime value, Salesforce is the need of an hour.