Salesforce Customization for Better Work Productivity

The modern-day enterprise world is well-off with technology-based solutions which offer functional and operational superiority across workspaces. Use of software-based tools and advanced cloud services have been acknowledged by the business leaders where they are of the opinion that parallelizing with modernized tech is imperative to maintain a corporate edge.

The advent of Salesforce was an extravagant affair in the enterprise world, primarily because it was the first one to establish and propel the highly proficient Cloud CRM space. Salesforce offered advanced business functionalities and effective customer management platform to help companies enhance their customer relationships and better furnish market demands. It led the CRM business as the most popular “customer success platform” and till date continues to retain its preeminence over corrivals.

Why Customization

Enterprise world today has turned kaleidoscopic in terms of work processes with rarely any two companies endorsing the same requirements and workflows. Salesforce platforms, in general, are designed to fortify and provide for the essential enterprise functionalities. However, most of the modern enterprise work processes are intrinsic and singular at the core. Therefore, it is only logical to use software solutions that are custom developed to complement particular business roles.

Salesforce, with its extreme degree of customization support, makes it highly convenient for its users to design their business-specific functionalities and workflows to promote better serviceability across target customer region. Companies can either have their functionalities engineered or find compatible third-party apps from the App Exchange platform. By merely configuring their existing platform according to their business needs, users can make better use of Salesforce applications and drastically improve customer interactions and workplace collaboration. By tuning up the business platform, businesses can dramatically increase their service competence and hand onto tremendous customer retention and satisfaction.


Salesforce Customization for Better Work Productivity

Although Salesforce provides top of the line cloud-based services, it cannot supply for every business functionality across the work spectrum. However, Salesforce allows functional overhaul through configuration and customization to enable businesses to gain increased efficiency with their existing salesforce solutions itself. Certified Salesforce developers make use of APEX programming language and VisualForce platform to customize the platform interface according to business needs. Popular salesforce customizations encompass specific functional upgrades, customized triggers, workflow upgrades and more.

Upgrade Frame

Salesforce as a platform and service provider offers both re-configuration and customization of your business platform to best suit the business demands. While configuration can be achieved by merely changing a few settings available in the admin panel, customization lies at a rather complicated side. Only certified Salesforce developers can initiate platform customization by using language and platform tools. Code changes are implemented at the core platform level using Apex and VisualForce development frameworks.

Businesses can opt to include workflow specific rules and other productivity increasing features to help their employs automate larger part of their redundancies and focus on value-driven services.

Summing it up, Salesforce customization is a vital consideration to improve an organization’s workflow and activate better growth & performance aspects. At Pratham, we promote extensive salesforce platform customization to help your business gain increased operational capabilities without investing extensive amounts in hardware upgrades. We are among the leading salesforce development companies across the enterprise domain with substantial experience and expertise in the development field. Visit us at