Decoding The Undecodable: What is User Experience and Why It Matters?

“The best products or services are an extension of the people who use them.”

But how can you create products or services that your customers or employees truly want? How do you ensure unwavering customer loyalty? These are questions that product managers scratch their heads over daily. The answer to this is simple, yet the most difficult to implement.

For creating successful products and services a user experience that promises value not just today but for tomorrow too is a must-have. The best user experience is the one that offers customer lifetime value and delivers customer experiences at scale.

But what exactly is this ‘user experience’? Is it a mobile application that never hangs? Or Is it a mobile application that gives users what they want in the easiest way possible? Keep reading to find the answers.

What Is User Experience?


In simple terms, user experience is the overall feeling that a user gets from using a product or service. For this blog, when we say user experience, we will primarily be referring to a user’s experience (UX) when interacting with a website, a web application or desktop software.

UX, in the case of website and applications, is a superset of subsets parameters, i.e., usability, utility, desirability, performance, accessibility, and credibility.

For creating an exceptional user experience, it is essential to build a strategy around the primary principles of human-computer interaction (HCI). This allows project development teams to focus on design elements that are invisible yet contribute significantly towards ROI as well as product maintenance and upgrades.

The Science Behind Exceptional User Experience

Science is a systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical world. On the same lines, the science behind UX involves a thorough analysis of the desired solution, identifying key ideas, turning these ideas into a prototype and continuous testing and improvements.

Remember the first design is never the best design. There is scope for improvement even after product launch. This is done with the help of user feedback, KPIs, and actionable insights. This then brings us to the golden rule for creating exceptional user experience:

‘Analyze, Create and Keep Improving’


Is simplicity key to great user experience?

Often simplicity is misunderstood for less functionality in UX design. Considering the advanced features, functionalities, and performance desired of software applications today, simplicity is about packaging these features in the simplest way possible.

For instance, it takes at most 5 clicks to book a cab today using mobile apps. For the user, it might seem a simple task, but behind the screen, the app has to do many things at once to ensure a seamless user experience.

So, exceptional user experience is about offering value using complex resources in the simplest way possible. Simplicity has to be in application flow, not necessarily function. The best UX makes the task easier for users irrespective of how complex the process is behind the screen.

The Business Benefits of Exceptional User Experience

As they say, the happier your end-users, the better it is for the business. Whether it is an application for your customers or your employees, a user experience that makes life easy will transpire into business value in one form or another.

  • An application that makes business workflows efficient = Business productivity
  • An application that makes offers customer value = More customers

Plus there are added benefits that make exceptional User Experience an irreplaceable asset for a business.

  • Better UX improves user retention and brand loyalty
  • Better UX reduces application maintenance costs.
  • Better UX accelerates adoption (especially for enterprise applications)

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