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Challenges in Image Annotation

Fueled by advancements and breakthroughs in Computer Vision, it is now possible to visualize, detect and track anything in real-time. Enormous amounts of images are fed into deep learning architecture, which was inspired by the human brain, in order to comprehend the features of a subject. It requires a significant amount of computation to extract features from such a large collection of images and videos.

Evolving Digital Landscapes: Scaling Digital Native Businesses for Success

In the ever-changing digital landscape, the evolution of Digital Native Businesses (DNBs) is not just a trend but a necessity. As businesses scale, their technology platforms must evolve to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive and digitally savvy market. Let’s delve into the transformation journey of DNBs and explore the critical aspects they need… Continue reading Evolving Digital Landscapes: Scaling Digital Native Businesses for Success

Why Technology Modernization Is The Only Way Ahead For ISVs

Today, every business is transforming into a digital business; thanks to the revolution caused by the latest technologies. Conventionally, enterprises only used to leverage the innovation abilities of ISVs to provide solutions to their clients. However, as the technological landscape is advancing, the enterprises are trying to incorporate their own innovations in their offerings.

Why containers are the fastest way to unlock cloud value?

Read this paper to understand how containers are bringing about a revolution in how IT workloads are managed and offer a faster value delivery when moving to cloud

  • Effective messaging with Effective Rich Media Ads

    Essentials and core objectives of Ad-making remain the same; Engaging the end-user and get them to buy! So, principally there are four stages: Attention, Interest, Desire, and finally Action. When it comes to developing online ads, the ‘Engagement’ quotient goes up! Ads and promotions keep popping up simultaneously across the website page, so the attention span is minimized.

  • Salesforce for BPM Automation

    We made some great strides in automating processes in Medical and BSFI domains. Using the Salesforce Developer edition available on the Cloud, the team explored automation of BPM process from design and coding prespective. We quickly developed sample processes for KYC (Know Your Customer), Medical Billing and Employee Requisition.

  • Internet of Things; Privacy Concerns

    There is a lot of buzz in the recent times around Internet of Things (IoT). Many acclaimed organizations are working on defining standards and creating their own platforms to take a lead in this technology domain. These platforms will allow developers in building IoT solutions. Some big companies taking lead here are Google, Oracle, IBM, Samsung etc. Then there are numerous small and big players working on IoT to grab a bite of this pie.

  • Pratham Software enters into a strategic partnership with SEVEN PRINCIPLES as a preferred Offshore partner

    Pratham Software, a global software solutions provider with operations in India and the USA has been chosen as a preferred partner by SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG. The strategic partnership supplements the service portfolio of SEVEN PRINCIPLES with top technologies in the fields of software development, Business Process Management and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

  • Why does outsourcing software product development make sense

    Outsourcing is a proven business mantra of today. The biggest advantage of outsourcing is the cost advantage and the biggest fears are the age-old concerns of security and quality. These concerns have been adequately addressed to such an extent that outsourcing has been a rage in recent times. In fact, today some outsourcers have performed better than the client on all fronts including quality and security. This unflinching focus on the client’s product/ service generates such a high ROI that it exceeds client expectations when it is done in the right manner.

  • Trends to expect in the global Mobility solutions space in 2014

    Varieties of devices, computing styles and user contexts will require the creation of new interaction paradigms to foster information flow and data access & use. As a result of BYOD programs the mobile workforce is rapidly growing. Enterprise policies on employee-owned devices need to be reframed or framed as the case may be. Every organization needs to balance flexibility with confidentiality and privacy requirements.

  • PSI participates in CeBIT 2014 at Hanover, Germany

    PSI participated in CEBIT 2014 (10-14 March 2014), the world’s leading IT event for the fourth consecutive year. CeBIT has proven itself to be an important platform for several IT companies from around the world to showcase their core competencies for the last 27 years. This IT show is organized to help companies display their innovations and present new trends in technologies, platforms and solutions.

  • PSI recertified for ISO 9001:2008

    PSI has been recertified for compliance as per the ISO 9001: 2008 quality systems standard for the fourth time. PSI maintains its ISO compliance since 2005, which demonstrates its commitment to high-end quality systems, good practices and continuous process improvement.

  • PSI is offering “Risk free Pilot Project” at CeBIT 2014

    PSI is attending CeBIT 2014, the world’s leading IT event for fourth consecutive year. This year CeBIT would be held at Hannover, Germany from 10th March to 14th March, 2014. CeBIT has become the event of choice to meet and explore world of options to collaborate & liaise and to connect with buyers and vendors of choice.

  • Australia: The upcoming outsourcing market leading to PSI success story

    IT outsourcing has undergone new positive changes to stimulate the IT business in Australia. As per the latest statistics, Australian companies have joined the global rush to outsourcing. The annual study by Benchmarking and Sourcing Consultants, “ITNewcom” interviewed 60 executives at top IT spenders in Australia about their outsourcing intentions. It found that 75 percent of… Continue reading Australia: The upcoming outsourcing market leading to PSI success story

  • PSI launches IBM BPM Accelerator for Contract Management Process

    Keeping our promise of delivering cutting edge solutions to provide competitive advantage to our clients, we are enthralled to announce the launch of our new IBM Business Process accelerator for “Contract Management Process” built on IBM BPM version 7.5.

  • PSI adds ‘Activiti’ & ‘BonitaSoft’ to its repertoire of BPM tools

    In line with its strategy of being a ‘one-stop-BPM-shop’, PSI has now added expertise on Activiti and BonitaSoft (open source BPM tools) to its repertoire. This strategic decision will enable PSI to be a full scale BPM solutions provider and provide value added services to both SME’s and large enterprises.