What is User Experience Design and How important it is for Product Companies

Applications, websites, software, etc., are the mediums of human-computer interaction. This human interaction, whether good or bad, is called user experience. In today’s business scenario, user experience is a crucial product differentiator. Consumers buy and use products on the basis of their design, appeal, and usability. And, User Experience Design (UXD) is the process that creates products, which provide meaningful experiences to users. But, what is the need of incorporating UXD for product companies? Let’s find out!

Importance of User Experience Design

One must not get surprised, looking at the fact that what was once considered an added expense or luxury, UXD, has gained immense attention. Companies have started to realize that focusing on user experience design is key to success and growth.

This is because, today, applications have become so complex in functionality that in order to enhance their efficiency, there is a need to provide a good experience. An application product that doesn’t consider the need of its user is doomed to fail or least, it will struggle to reach mainstream adoption.


In addition, users browse through different devices and myriad of browsers. In terms of internet-product, meeting the demands of screen readers is not enough. The product must satisfy everyone from conventional to contemporary users. If the experience is poor, it can lead to decreased sales, poor ratings, negative impact on the brand, etc.

Further, a good UX design offers a positive experience, keeping a user loyal to the product and brand. Satisfied, loyal customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, renew memberships, provide positive reviews, and spread positive word of mouth. Additionally, from a business point of view, a meaningful customer journey on the app or product is conducive for success.

Impact of User Experience Design

User experience design is basically the idea transmitted through the product, and it impacts numerous areas including sales, satisfaction, revenue, etc. Whether the users are customers or employees, a good user experience results in saving a huge sum of money and generating revenue. The areas on which it creates an impact also include:

Impression of the Product

A lousy UX design can lead to creating poor reviews and negative feelings about the brand. While customers tend to spread positive word of mouth if the UX of the product is good.


After-sales support is a domain that is must for every product and service offered by a company. A good UX generates fewer support requests, and thus less support personnel are needed, leading to saving cost.

Development Cost and Time

Development cost and time are vital components of a project. When there is no focus on creating a proper user experience, the product may miss several requirements, leading to more rework and eventually more time and cost. While, with a proper UX, requirements can be identified adequately, this means no rework and lesser cost.

To sum up, the end-users no longer accept a poor experience. The expectation of users concerning experience design is well-translated to business applications. Customers do not tolerate poor usability in applications they use or want to use. If you are a product-based company and haven’t yet learned to provide a good user experience, then hiring one or more user experience designers will be a step in the right direction. Pratham Software, a leading software development company in India, realizes the need to work on providing exceptional user experience design and houses an experienced team, which will give you just right! Hire our team, and the result will be a system that is easy to use, efficient, and satisfying.