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Challenges in Image Annotation

Fueled by advancements and breakthroughs in Computer Vision, it is now possible to visualize, detect and track anything in real-time. Enormous amounts of images are fed into deep learning architecture, which was inspired by the human brain, in order to comprehend the features of a subject. It requires a significant amount of computation to extract features from such a large collection of images and videos.

B2B SaaS – An Unavoidable Strategy

Early cloud adoption was driven by advantages of operating expenditure (OpEx) over capital expenditure (CapEx) and outsourcing advantage of infrastructure & infrastructure management. Platform & infrastructure services spending contributed majorly into cloud spending for enterprises.

Why Technology Modernization Is The Only Way Ahead For ISVs

Today, every business is transforming into a digital business; thanks to the revolution caused by the latest technologies. Conventionally, enterprises only used to leverage the innovation abilities of ISVs to provide solutions to their clients. However, as the technological landscape is advancing, the enterprises are trying to incorporate their own innovations in their offerings.

Why containers are the fastest way to unlock cloud value?

Read this paper to understand how containers are bringing about a revolution in how IT workloads are managed and offer a faster value delivery when moving to cloud

  • Deep Dive into Java 14

    Java, a popular language amongst developers, recently released its latest version (Java 14) with some useful and functional features to help mobile app developers. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Platform independent, in-built security, and many such features make it one of the most sought-after language in the digital world today.

  • COVID-19 and its impact on WFH

    The outbreak of the novel corona virus (COVID-19) has infected more than 14.5 million people globally. As strict lock-downs have been implemented in most countries, the pandemic has significantly changed the lives of billions of people. Individuals in many countries are asked to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of this virus, the outbreak has also led to unprecedent changes in the work culture across the globe, spanning most, if not all, industries. When many businesses failed to implement social distancing protocols due to the nature of the industry and are required to shut down operations, others implemented the concept of WFH, better known as work from home.

  • Do we still need timesheets?

    Well, these statements are ubiquitous among employees across industries, who are required to fill timesheets. Are timesheets a thing of the past? Or do they provide any relevant data for organizations? The answer is yes, they do provide insights to critical data points and it’s not necessary to be time-consuming and unproductive activity. Though balancing the time tracking and productivity loss can be a challenge but it needs the right level of governance as well.

  • Data Strategy is Fundamental for Digital Transformation

    Gartner predicts that by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will include information as a critical enterprise asset. This information propels many companies to embark on their digital transformation journey.

  • COVID-19 – Globalization or Individuation

    Corona is a global pandemic; it has become a part of discussion everywhere, be it social media, TV, newspaper, business discussion, family discussion in nutshell everywhere.

  • PSI Business Continuity Plan thrives in COVID Era

    The use of face mask, frequent washing of hands, sanitization is some of the best practices to prevent COVID infections. Similarly, for the business continuity in these uncertain times, requires digital preparedness ultimately evolving some of the best practices for the business continuity at PSI.

  • Decoding The Undecodable: What is User Experience and Why It Matters?

    But how can you create products or services that your customers or employees truly want? How do you ensure unwavering customer loyalty? These are questions that product managers scratch their heads over daily. The answer to this is simple, yet the most difficult to implement.

  • Crossing The Mobility Road With Eyes Closed? 5 Reasons You Need an EMM Solution Now

    The benefits of mobile technology for the modern enterprise is undebatable. In addition to offering exceptional flexibility, enterprise mobility exponentially improves employee engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Not Just Business, Digital Has Broadened Outsourcing Too: Is Outsourcing Your Best Decision in 2020?

    Few things have as broad an impact on customer behavior as technological evolution. For instance, barely a decade ago, booking flight tickets was a time-consuming exercise. Even an inquiry, let alone booking, would require a trip to the travel agent. But thanks to our smartphone, we can now book flight tickets with just a few clicks.

  • Cloud Computing + DevOps: The Secret To Enterprise Success in 2020

    The term ‘Fusion’ refers to the energy that powers our Universe. It is a very efficient process of energy creation. The energy yields are high, the waste is minimal, and there is no consequent ill-effect on the immediate environment. Close to perfect almost!

  • OK, Fine You Have Implemented BYOD? But What’s Next

    ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD is one of the best things to have happened to the enterprise work culture. Its features have been mutually beneficial to employees and employers alike.

  • Multi-Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud Vs Fog Vs Edge! Where is Cloud headed?

    The advent of cloud computing has been transformational for enterprise business computing. No longer do enterprises need to invest time, money and resource on computing hardware, software experts, etc., for delivering products and services to end-users. They can do all these things over the internet by subscribing to any popular cloud computing services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.